About Chris Leith Dodge/Ram Commercial Vehicles serving the  Raleigh and Durham communities

The professionals at our commercial vehicle dealership realize that the choice of a new truck or van for work is one that is of great magnitude for you. That work truck or cargo van is your office, supply room, and workshop all rolled into one vehicle. You will spend the greater part of your day driving and working in one, which is why we offer such a wide selection of commercial vehicles for you.

Our knowledgeable and helpful sales associates search our lot to find the truck or van that is perfect for all of your needs. We sell new and pre-owned Ram Trucks and Dodge cars, vans and SUVs for the other aspects of your business and personal life. You can always expect a friendly, professional service that focuses on you when you come to our lot.

What Features Do You Want?

Bring in a list of features that you require and we will find the best commercial vehicle for you. You can browse the numerous selections on our lot, have us order a new one for you, or you can have us find a used vehicle that meets your exact specifications.

Our vehicles offer many kinds of features, such as:

  • Automatic Transmission
  • Fuel Economy
  • Standard or High Roofs
  • Gas or Diesel Engines
  • Heavy-Duty Suspension
  • Choice of Configurations
  • Number and Type of Doors
  • Regular or Extended Cab

Friendly Sales and Professional Service

Our commercial vehicle dealership offers much more than the finest selection of high-performance trucks and vans in North Carolina. We provide you with service in tracking down the pickup that fulfills all of your needs, including one that stays within your budget. Additionally, our certified mechanics and body shop technicians are experienced for continued maintenance of your work van or truck.

They say that location is everything in business, and that certainly applies to our commercial vehicle dealership. At Chris Leith Dodge Ram Commercial Vehicles, our convenient North Carolina location is where you will find the new or pre-owned van or truck that perfectly suits your work needs.

We make it easy by having a large inventory on hand. However, if one of the commercial vehicles you want is not on our lot, our professionals will locate and order it for you.

Commercial Vehicle Dealer of Rugged Trucks and Roomy Vans

The vehicle that you drive for work has different needs than the one you use for fun or family. We recognize this and offer you many, many choices that fit the demands of your business.

Whether you need to use a truck to haul lawnmowers and leaf blowers for your lawn care company, or a van to carry equipment and supplies for HVAC services, we have the commercial vehicle that is right for your needs. Choose a new truck or van platform for your Cargo Van, Passenger Van, Dump Truck, Service Body or more from our line of popular models, including:

Trucks and Vans That Meet the Most Demanding Standards

You demand the very best in your work vehicle and Ram meets those demands with trucks and vans that outperform the competition. Fuel efficiency and high performance are standard features on all our models, both new and pre-owned. Find automatic transmission and heavy-duty suspension to be part of every package. You’ll also be able to choose the features that make driving and working a breeze.

These vehicles come built to carry heavy loads, while navigating rough roads and steep terrain. They are powerful and tough enough to go to work with you each and every day.

Contact us today to select a new truck or van that is strong enough to do the job you require. Our commercial vehicle dealership is based in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina, but serves the entire state with pride.

The Many Benefits of Ram Commercial Vans

Ram commercial vans can be a great asset to any small business or company! How so, you may wonder? Sure, you can simply rely on employees to utilize their own cars, but with Ram commercial vans comes a sense of great reliability, safety, transportation, and unity. Check out these great benefits to your business’s use of commercial vehicles!

Create Cohesion Among Employees

Perhaps the largest reason businesses utilize commercial vehicles for their fleet of employees is the unity that comes with them. If you’re a home-service business, your technicians can pull up in their Ram Commercial Vans, which will likely show a bit more professionalism than pulling up in their own vehicle.

Safety of Transport

Ram commercial vans are sturdy vehicles, ready to face any roadway conditions. Employees never have to worry about their car being unable to face snowy roads or slick pavement. These vehicles are designed with lots of travel in mind, built with the best of materials and the sturdiest of mechanics.

Storage Room and Safety

Ram commercial vehicles are specially designed with a heavy workload in mind. They have the unique ability to carry a large amount of supplies, safely and efficiently. Standard vehicles likely do not have the room or weight capacity to carry some of the heavier equipment that your employees may need to travel with. This means that your heaviest and most expensive equipment will be safe and secure, even on bumpy drives!

Variation to Fit Your Needs

Commercial vehicles come in many makes and models, meaning you can find just the vehicle to fit the needs of your business. If you’re interested in eco-diesel, there are great options available. If you’re most concerned with roominess and the ability to carry a large load, you don’t have to look far to find a great model.

From their ability to transport heavy and cumbersome equipment, to their safety and stability, to their ability to create a strong sense of unity among employees, Ram commercial vehicles are the perfect addition to any business or company!

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